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Pier Solar is out! Yes, for REAL! Check it out at http://www.piersolar.com ! Thanks everyone for their patience and support!
After some months of slow processing, here is the new website, xhtml valid ^^. Faster stronger and more than ever 16-bit powa! :D I'm uploading everything again and there is more to come soon :). Dont hesitate to leave some feedbacks and enjoy, it's Sega!
Do me a favor... Just boycott those creepy neoflash peoples and get ready for future nice announcement :D
Equinoxe PRO 9 now work on real hardware. Added an hi-speed seeking function (to seek inside a video file while playing) ;)
Started to rise from grave an old project, using EQXPRO9 technology and all the other hype stuff I could get ;P I hope you'll enjoy. And btw, don't hesitate to leave comments, i'm fond of them ^^.
Just to say "yeppee" :D I fixed EQXPRO 8 bug on real hardware, thx to the many advices of my devfriends :D You should just take a look here for the proof in video.
A new coding contest with Megadrive as VIP started www.pdroms.de. Be sure prepare your entry.
Megacart released... for real :)... Please go on products page for more informations :) Enjoy, please!
http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/ Here is our new board... In replacement of the dead devega... Enjoy!
New EQX PRO8 demo available... Better color sorting and now dithered! :P See #Megacd in #Works and enjoy :D
Now implementing high performance Dithering and Color-sorting to the FMV codec... Théoricaly, it will be a blast, however don't wait too much from it, i'm quite septical about the result ;)
For the first time EVER, please enjoy homebrew Full Motion Video on your segacd/megacd... 24MB of crispo-vivid colors (uug?) and crazy High-Fidelity sound track :) Please!
Megacart in production pipeline :D The ultimate utility cartridge for your MegaCD or SegaCD. This crazy piece of hardware takes all the features of ProCDX plus BackupRAM plus Multibios plus FlashCart, all in one cart and for cheap.
Worked on various almost-finished projects... I lost all my flight J57 sound track during disc format, I'm desesperated :'( Still have problem to load files from disc on real hardware (desesperated again) and can't get the genesis dma'ting 256tiles during vblank on a 60hz display (desesperated++;) , Also, seems tavern rpg project sleep again :/
Finaly worked a bit on various almost-finished project... I lost all my flight J57 sound track during disc format, I'm desesperated :'(
Héhé, another update on the equinoxe encoder... Faster, stronger , better :P ;) Two more demos in works area :D Enjoy! It's genny, it's hot!
Updated EQX encoder... New demo available in Works area...
EQX encoder again improved... Two new binaries in works #.
Added EQX FMV demo into works section ;) HOT WIP!
I finaly got 32x displaying gourdaud models (using 32x VDP hardware)... Only working on gens_K_mod for now... Well, all is running pretty smooth, almost 60fps... Gourdaud was never used in any commercial game for some lack of docs reasons. Enjoy :P ;P
Still working on RPG engine now named "DreamCatcher" ^^;=;- The toolsuite (windows) is almost finished. Title screen/menu finished, now polishing the ingame display and fights...
Added several demos in Works #. MDSA benchmark, Super Fighter, HBD os and Sprites. Enjoy!
Happy new year 2006... Best wishes... Little demo added in "works" area ;)
Few updates in "Game studio" (héhé, sarcastic laught) and stuff (see picture magic cartridge).
Mighty Mighty Missile was finaly shipped to Good Deal Games... All bug fixed, cleaned gameplay and added goodies. Thx a lot for those who helped/supported me :D. SegaCD RPG engine almost finished too, just need to add battle system, please check http://www.eidolons-inn.net (for info or if you want to help, héhé).
I received two Digio's from Japan today, so I updated the stuff page =P. J'ai reçu deux Digios aujourd'hui (vous savez, les derniers APN sega), un résumé en page "Stuff".
A PDROMS compo started the 20th and ends the 14 of july, maybe I should give a try. I'm also working around the Tavern RPG CD driver and preparing the final release of MMMissile (one year after first announcement). Je *travaille* actuellement sur le driver CD du Tavern RPG et prépare la sortie de MMMissile (sisi, la vraie sortie, un an après le faux départ LOL). Aussi, je prépare une ptchit surprise qui va certainement plaire aux Frenchies et amoureux du MegaCD et ses FMV's...
MOD released an update to his great ConvSCD. See http://www.retrodev.com/ for more informations. Also, I finished 1st @ pdroms #3 in 16/128bit class. I'll try to release FlightJ57D in its full glory before end of year =P.
Héhé, just finished a MegaCD FMV player. Now known under the name of "Equinoxe FMV" =P. See #Works for a preview featuring SegaSaturnShiro.eqx =D Enjoy, it's free, it's crap ... but so cool XD.
Hello all ^^. Some news today. First, I entered the PDROMS compo with my FlightJ57D demo and there were 2 others Sega MegaDrive entries ! Kweerl =P Now waiting for results... I'm also still working on TavernRPG engine, all the code structure is pretty finished, just need to fill ^^. On the third side, I added one new # in my website, called "Stuff". I added the PictureMagic review and my MegaDrive collection into this stuff area!.
Haha, great news today (for me ^^). First, i moved to a full professional host/domain-name provider! Second, I found a definitive name for my Development # : "Evermind Development". Now all is ready for 10 years of pleasure and security. Have Fun!
First issue of MegaDrive Dev Journal released... Also, i finished 5th out of 10 @ Devega summer contest :D.
An exclusive demo of MMMissile is available for download @ the "game studio" page!!! This is a demo from the summer 2004 built, not a demo from the final game so don't worry if all isn't perfect ;).
All downloads are now available ^^. Thx to WilouLeFou for that. If you still have 404 error, please email me.
Hi, Here is my new home. Originaly hosted on FVRING.com, All the Genesis-Dev Pages are moved here. Hope it's like a rebirth ...
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