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  puce Introduction of my DevPage

Hi !

This website was made to promote the Sega Mega Drive development.
In fact, I'm around the system since 07/2003... Making some studies and programming on this great hardware (like how to use planes, sprites, shadow, rasters and much more). Lately I also made some progress on MegaCD and 32x programming and It's usually a lot of pain for little results ;).

All the stuff is available with source code (mostly GCC and SGCC).
You can easily post feedbacks for each demo. So, don't hesitate.

Please also check the DevRing to reach other SegaGenesisDevPages around the WWW.
Fell free to IM me : AIM - "fvmembre" , MSN - "fonzievoltnovsomethinghotmail.com".

I would like to thanks especially : Kaneda FR, Mask Of Destiny, Steve Snake, Charles Mac Donald, Stef D., Tasco DLX, Pascal B. and all the dudes of the community :D.

Have fun!

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