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Genny Dev Is Possible Tools Demos Docs
Kaneda tries to give you demos, source and tools to show you how the Genny is easy to dev.Damn xhtml HR!Pascal-O-Rama Tools Demos
Here follows all my Motorola 68000 programs and tool(s) for the Sega Megadrive.Damn xhtml HR!Retrodev Tools Demos Docs
The goal of this site is to provide technical information for Sega consoles for which there is no readily available documentation, namely the Sega CD and the 32X.Damn xhtml HR!Sega4ever Board Docs
A french website about programming basics on the Megadrive. Tutorials and a french message board !Damn xhtml HR!TµEE co.(TM) web site Demos Docs
THE BIGGEST site devoted to QuickBASIC and Sega Mega Drive programming in Estonia !!!Damn xhtml HR!

puce SGDR - Communities

Devega - The Sega Programming Network Board Demos Docs
Devega contains an on-going documentation project teaching the reader to use 68k assembly language to develop games and demos for the Sega Megadrive gaming system. Also, we have source code programs and modules, C headers and other stuff. Damn xhtml HR!DevSter Specialties Board Tools Demos Docs
Sega Genesis hardware+software development. Also home of the BASIC compiler, BasiEgaXorz, WalMarsX, NoiseMachine and SGTD.Damn xhtml HR!Open Console Network Tools Demos Docs
A web-site dedicated to spread the word freedom to the console development community.Damn xhtml HR!SegaDev Yahoo Group Board
"Software and hardware development for the Sega 8-bit and 16-bit consoles". Gurus are registered there. Perfect for all your complex dev questions.Damn xhtml HR!SegaXtreme Board
Biggest Sega Media site and Dev board around!Damn xhtml HR!STech : Sonic & M68K Discussion Forum Board
STech is a community and development hub that was set up to provide serious and sensible discussion about Sonic The Hedgehog games and SEGA 16-Bit development.Damn xhtml HR!

puce SGDR - Inactives

kbanks place Demos
Various works on the Sega Genesis system. Homebrew games with source-code and nice PSG/FM sound engine.Damn xhtml HR!The Lost Angel Demos
My main reason for wanting to learn about programming on the genesis is to make a clone of Advance Wars (created for the Game Boy Advance) for the Sega Genesis.Damn xhtml HR!Tomsoft Studio Tools Demos
Sega develope kit(include MIDI2SEGA kit and others) and some sample.Damn xhtml HR!

puce Sega Related Links

Abysse is website dealing with the Sega Mega-CD. News, System Database, History, Archives, Scans, Covers, Spincards, Reviews, Emulators and more. Enjoy!Damn xhtml HR!Act Select
SegaSonic fan site with an enormous font database (sega related fonts). Great!Damn xhtml HR!GoodDealGames
This Web-site deals with retro-gaming and publish some (new) sega-cd games. Damn xhtml HR!Mega-Drive.de
German site - all about the Mega Drive, big eview section, storys etc. - in german ;)Damn xhtml HR!Objectif Sega
Retrouvez toute la bonne époque SEGA ! Tests, scans megaforce | Dreamzone | Dreamcast officiel | Pubs jeux / consoles, dossiers, solutions, astuces, mp3, les vidéos, forum etc... :)Damn xhtml HR!SEGA JP - Community
Fantastic page with "Creators Note", "Hardware"... Unfortunately, in japanese ;-)Damn xhtml HR!SegaKore
A Sega Collector Stuff Website. Mods, Infos, Mboard, Sega Ads...Damn xhtml HR!Shin Force
Shin Force is an all Sega site covering everything from the Master System to the Dreamcast, and beyond.Damn xhtml HR!Tototek
Here you can buy exellent flash-cartridges for your favorite console. Nice!Damn xhtml HR!

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