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Digio SJ-1
Package overview.
Basics functions.
Sample Pics.

Picture Magic
Package overview.
Basics functions.
The cartridge.

My MegaDrive collection
System list.
Game list.

puce Digio SJ-1

I received from Japan two Sega Digio's (mint condition) thx to Yakumo and J.Hayashi. The Digio is the first and unique LCD-DIGITAL-CAMERA from Sega. It was released back in 1995 (and 1996 for my version which include the eye thing).
Assuming early date of release, the Digio was an appreciable DigiCam with acceptable capabilities.
They are really cheap in Japan but it's just for collecting purpose (see PictureMagic) ;)

Package Overview
The set I show here certainely comes from different boxes, however, here is the box of the Digio itself:
Digio packaging

Inside the box      Inside the box

Inside the box      Inside the box

Inside the box      Inside the box

Basic Functions
The Digio have a sensor of 320*240 pixels (I'm not sure since the TV mode looks more 640*480).
Two pictures modes are availables (jpeg style) : 320*240px and 160*120px.
The SmartMedia card that comes with the Digio is a 5Mbit (640KB) and can store approx 20 pictures in HiQuality =P.

There is no AutoFocus (but a manual focus that even do macro).
Fortunately, there is an automatic operture/luminosity that works pretty ok.
And, there is no Zoom available.

The lcd screen lies inside the Digio so it is recommended to use the *Eye thing* (like VideoCams) to be 100% inside the action XD.

The Digio uses 4*AA batts and doesn't seems to eat so much power (can take 20 pictures with ease, héhé).
On a connectic point of view, there are three: one for DC10V (+ center), one for Video Composite Output and one for Serial communication (to the computer or another Digio).

The DigiCam startup within 2 seconds (shows a cool title screen during INIT process) and takes approximatively 2-5 seconds to save/view one shot.
There is a timer, a view mode and an erase/formatdisc menu.

The computer software (that uses the COM1 or 2) is in Japanese but works well on Windows98SE. You can open,rename,delete your pics directly linked to the DigiCam.
There are some tools to edit pictures and one export mode (in BMP or TIFF).

Sample Pics

A shot      A shot      A shot

A shot      A shot      A shot

puce Picture Magic

I recently bought (04/2005) this incredible piece of hardware. I decided to buy it cause it is the most obscure and ultimate attempt from sega to recycle the unsold 32x pcb's.
It is also the definitive demonstration of the 32x failure :/
The PictureMagic is a graphic tablet designed for use with the Digio SmartMedia card. So you can use the PMagic to overdraw/squeeze/reshape/enchance your photos taken off the SmartMedia Card.

It was released in japan only, around 1996.
The output is A/V (composite), the tablet is around 22*18 cm and comes with a plastic pen. It runs with a standard sega 32x adaptater and accept 5V SmartMedia cards (4MB and probably more).

Package Overview
Picture Magic packaging

Inside the box      Inside the box

Inside the box      Inside the box

Inside the box      Inside the box

Basic Functions
The Pmagic comes with one platic pen and one cartridge (the software).
Using the pencil and the yellow front button, you can use with ease the software.
The system seems to work with 2 layers (256*224 pixels 15bit true colors each), one layer for the current drawing and one layer for the temporary work (resizing, stamping, layering...).
For exemple, you can select one part of the picture, copy it, move it, resize it, draw on it keeping the original picture under.

I was waiting for a "paint" clone and sega made us a real drawing software, top of that, it runs very smoothly!
For sure, you have no reason to use this (even to work on Digio photos) but it worst a try ^^
The tools available are:
--->Stamp Off
--->Stamp ON
--->Stamp with half transparency
------->Linear (various angles)
--->Invert Colors
--->Finger (magic finger)
------->Little/medium/big Pencil
------->Little/medium/big Progressive transparency pencil
------->Little/medium Paint effect
--->Color fill
------>Low/Medium/Hi/Full color filling
-ColorFinder pencil

A shot      A shot      A shot

A shot      A shot      A shot

A shot      A shot      A shot

Software in action (4fps avi)
Software in action (4fps avi)

The Pmagic uses an std 32x board, without any modification. This board is pluged into a pseudo-md mobo.
Why i say a "pseudo"-md? Just cause of this:
-No FM/PSG/SOUND hardware.
-Smaller I/O/BusController chip than classic MD2.
-One Input button (the yellow one).
-One SmartMedia connector (directly on the pcb).
-One graphic tablet jack hooked on two ADC (one for X coordinates and the other for Y).
-Two wires (CompositeSync and SC) that goes to the 32x Video IN.

Inside the box      Inside the box

Inside the box      Inside the box

Inside the box      Inside the box

The Cartridge
I finaly dumped the picture magic cartridge. It is a 512KB rom that looks like a standard 32x rom.
However, there are a few differences... The rom header is std 32x and there is another header called "JANUS INITIAL PROGRAM" (JANUS = code name of the digio).
Another wierdo is that nothing startup the 32x, it startups by itself... There is a hi probability that the 32X bios is different from the commercial 32X one.

Opening the cart, I discovered two jumpers points on the PCB, one soldered.
In the actual jumper configuration, the whole cart is 16bit (like commercial 32X carts).
Editing those jumpers puts the lower part of the cart in 16bit mode and the upper part in 8Bit mode.

I'm 99.9% sure they added those jumpers in the case the board was Z80 based (for cost reasons), but they finaly choosen the 68000 (for speed reason).
This also explain why the 32x startup by itself, because a 8bit cpu cannot startup the 32x.
So, to conclude, the CPU choice was made at last minute, rushy design.

puce My MegaDrive collection

I got a MegaDrive2 (with Sonic3) when I was @ Singapore in 1994. Like my friend there, I was addicted to video games.
Since 1994, I bought several games/hardware related to sega genesis (second hand, mostly) but I think I started to *collect* for pleasure around 1999.

Here is my full collection.
CDR:Dl from internet (unfortunately)

32x EU O
32x EU O Sound problems, game crash, a bit dead too.
6button controlers (*10) All O & P
Mega cd 2 EU O
Mega Drive 2 EU O
Mega Drive 2 ASIA O Bit dead due to the 1 year contact with singapore's humidity =P.
Multitap 2 All O
Nomad US O
Picture Magic JP O

6-Pak US O
Advanced JP O
Aladin EU O
Another World EU O ranking
Asterix & the power of gods All P
Atp tour EU O ranking
Ballz EU O ranking
Barkley shut up and jam EU O
Blood shot EU O
Bonkers EU O ranking
California games JAP O ranking
Cannon fodder EU O
Chaos engine (the) EU O
Clayfighters EU O ranking
Comix zone EU O ranking
Desert strike EU O
Dinosaurs for hire US O ranking
Dragon EU O
Dune 2 the battle for arakis EU O rankingrankingranking
Dyna Brothers 2 JP O rankingrankingranking
Dynamite heady EU O
Earth worm jim EU O
Earth worm jim2 EU O
Eternal champions EU O
F15 strike eagle 2 All P ranking
Fifa 98 EU O ranking
Flashback EU O rankingranking
General chaos EU O
General chaos EU O
Global Gladiators EU O
Golden axe 3 All P rankingrankingrankingranking
Havoc EU O
Herzorg Zwei JP O rankingrankingranking
ISS deluxe EU O rankingranking
Judge dredd EU O ranking
Jurassic park rampage EU O
Kawazaki superbikes EU O
Krustys super fun house EU O
Legende de thor (La) FR O
Lemmings 2 two tribes EU O
Light Crusader EU O ranking
Lion king (The) EU O
Lion king (The) All P
Livre de la jungle EU O
Maximum carnage EU O red?
Mega game 2 EU O
Mega game 6 EU O
Megalomania FR O
Micro machine EU O
Micro machine 2 - Jcart EU O
Micro machines 96 - Jcart EU O ranking
Mortal Kombat 3 EU O
Mortal kombat 3 (ultimate) EU O
Pac man 3D EU O
Phantasy star 2 EU O
Populous 2 EU O
Power rangers the movie EU O
PuyoPuyo2 JP O rankingrankingranking
Primal rage EU O
Puggsy EU O
Red zone EU O
Rise of the robots EU O ranking
Ristar EU O ranking
Road rash EU O
Road rash 3 EU O
Samurai shodown EU O
Shadow dancer EU O
Shinobi 3 EU O
SidePocket EU O rankingranking
Smurfs (the) EU O
Sonic 3 All P rankingranking
Sonic 3D EU O
Sonic & knuckles EU O rankingranking
Sonic & knuckles All P ranking
Sonic compilation EU O ranking
Speed ball 2 EU O
Spider man 1 All P
Street of rage 1 JP P ranking(Special!)
Street of rage 2 EU O ranking
Street of rage 3 EU O ranking
Sub terrania US O
Super street fighter 2 NC EU O ranking
Super street fighter 2 CE EU O
SuperSkidmarks EU O
Sylverster & tweety EU O
Taz escape from mars EU O
Theme park EU O ranking
Thunder force 4 EU O
Toe jam & earl EU O
Top gear 2 All P rankingranking
Two crude dude EU O
Urban strike EU O
Vectorman EU O rankingranking
Virtua racing SVP EU O
Worms EU O
World of illusion M&D EU O
Zero tolerance EU O rankingranking
Zombies EU O ranking

=SEGA 32x=
After burner EU O
Cosmic carnage EU O
Doom EU O rankingrankingranking
Fifa 96 EU O
Golf 36 great holes EU O
Kolibri EU O
Metal head EU O rankingrankingranking
Mortal kombat 2 EU O
Moto cross EU O ranking
NFL quaterback club EU O
PictureMagic Utility Cartridge JP O
Space harrier EU O
Star wars EU O
Stellar assault EU O rankingranking
Thoughman contest EU O ranking
Virtua fighter EU O rankingrankingrankingranking
Virtua racing deluxe EU O rankingranking

Batman & robin EU O
Batman returns EU O
BC racer EU O rankingrankingranking
Chuck rock EU O
Citizen X US O
Corpse killer 32x EU O
Cobra EU CDR ranking
Ecco the dolphin EU O
Eternal champions EU CDR
Final fight cd EU O
Flink EU CDR
Ground zero texas (2cd) EU O rankingranking
Heimdall US O ranking
Inxs EU O ranking
Jaguar XJ220 EU O
Jurassic park EU CDR
Lethal enforcer - gun EU O
Lunar 2 EU CDR rankingrankingranking
MMMissile Beta0 EU CDR
MMMissile Beta1 EU CDR
MMMissile Beta2 EU CDR
MMMissile Beta4 EU CDR
MMMissile Beta5 EU CDR
NHL 94 EU O ranking
Racing aces EU CDR ranking
Radical rex EU CDR ranking
Road avenger EU O
Silpheed EU O rankingranking
Snatcher EU CDR rankingrankingrankingrankingranking
Sonic CD EU O ranking
Spiderman vs kingpin EU O
SW rebel assault EU O ranking
SW rebel assault US O ranking
Thunder hawk EU O rankingrankingrankingranking
Urusei Yatsura EU CDR rankingranking

=MEGA CD (Demo disc)=
Battle corps (MEGA POWER) EU O
Fifa (Mega POWER) EU O
Flashback EU O
Lawnmower man (MEGA POWER) EU O
Microcosm (MEGA POWER) EU O
Mikey mania (SEGA PRO) EU O
Nova Storm (SEGA PRO) EU O
Pitfall EU O
Rebel Assault (SEGA PRO) EU O
Sensible Soccer (MEGA POWER) EU O
Slam City - fingers EU O
Soulstar (MEGA POWER) EU O
Thunder hawk (MEGA POWER) EU O
Time cop EU O

Game adaptator All P

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