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  puce Tools

General tools (include MD tools)
Xgcc (gnu)
Md superarch
Fvr sega kit1

MegaCD / SegaCD tools
Convscd / Scdconv
Scd transfer suite

32X / Super32X tools

puce General tools (include MD tools)

SGCC is a C compilator package made by Paul Lee and designed for the MegaDrive.
I advice the noobs to use it because its very simple of use (Just extract it on the sources folder and click on "make.exe").
Unfortunately, it has some bugs and low optimisation level.
Download the Light Version (Used to compile all my SGCC demos)
Download full package
Download the "sega.s" for SGCC (Rom header code)

XGCC (Gnu)
XGCC is a C compilator from the famous GCC.
It's the ultimate compilator, you can do all you want with it.
Top of that, it provide the optimisation-power of GCC. And there are NO bugs (if bug, it's surely your code, not gcc).
Only for *skilled* programmers (those who already made 2-3 demos with SGCC) because it's quite hard to set-up.
Download full package
Download the ".ld" for the MegaDrive
Download the "sega.s" for GCC (Rom header code)

Made by Devster, this kit allow you to dev on sega genesis using basic language.
Very cool for noobs who doesn't know C but can be limitating if your not a basic guru.
Download full package

Made by Tulio, MegaDrive Bin 2 ASM is a important tool which allow you to convert any file in asm format (XGCC or SGCC asm)
Download full package (Require VB6 runtimes)

Made by Kaneda, BMP2TILE is the required tool to convert .bmp files into tiles (VDP picture).
Nothing to add ;-).
Download full package

MMM (megadrive map maker)
Made by Kaneda, MMM is the required tool to make .map files. Simple and Complete, it really rocks.
Nothing to add, great job again!.
Download full package

Made by the Agentur Simon studios, PEDIT allow you to select/rank the colors of a .bmp (pic) file.
You can save the color palette in the PaintShopPro or PhotoShop format.
Its very useful because it's REQUIRED to rank colors of a .bmp pic BEFORE going on BMP2TILE (to set the transparent color or shadow/highlight colors for exemple).
Download full package

Paint Shop Pro is a not-free tool very cool to make your .bmp files and to load PEDIT palettes.
Beware: Only the release 6 is designed to work with 16 colors pics. Releases 7 - 8 - 9 are very hard to use.
Download demo / Buy full version

Made by Tulio, MegaDrive Super Archiver is a tool to generate easy to use archives (using lzss compression or not).
I think all new games (especialy MegaCD games) should use this file system because it's fast and the compression is very strong (50% better than .zip).
The Sega MegaDrive code part is downloadable @ "works" part (see MDSA demo).
Download full package (Require VB6 runtimes)

Note Tab Light
Very nice tool because he keeps all advantages of NotePad and remove all disadvantages.
It allows to open several txt/asm/c files @ once, it count lines, etc etc... Must Have (BTW: you can also use DevCPP to edit C files).
Download full package

Here is a *plug-in* of GENS which allow to watch all the internals of the MegaDrive in real time.
Au menu : VRAM, CRAM, SHOW/HIDE PLANES, SPRITES, PSG, FM et j'en passe.
Download full package

Here is a little *tool* I made to fast generate VRAM adresses for Sprites/Planes...
This evitate some head-hatches usualy noobs have =P.
In html/javascript (shame on me =P), works with IE5.5.
Download full package

puce MegaCD / SegaCD tools

Required tool made my Mask Of Destiny to create working MegaCD isos (using your code).
I used this tool for my MegaCD demos.
Download full package

ConvSCD / SCDConv
ConvSCD and SCDConv (first one made my Mask Of Destiny and second one by Eidolon) are useful to translate your MegaCD ISO's regions.
Use SCDConv first, and, if doesn't work, use ConvSCD.
Download ConvSCD - Download SCDConv

SCD Transfer Suite
Tool made my Mask Of Destiny to link your computer with your MegaCD (using the joypad port / Com) in order to test your software on MegaCD without burning a CD.
Top of that, it allows you to Dump your (SMS,MD,32X,Bios,BRAM) chips.
Very useful if your working on complex things that arent accurately emulated on actual emulators (like gens or kega).
Download full package

puce 32x / Super32X tools

Kit made by Devster to program in ASM on the 32X. Simple of use, this is the only tool I know to make real 32X roms. Very useful if your working on complex things that arent accurately emulated on actual emulators (like gens or kega).
Download full package

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